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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why's an author / writer like Neale Sourna curating a radio station...?

Who hasn't gotten tired, no, cringing-ly exhausted at all the professional radio stations, or even college radio?

The professionals commercial you to death and play the same five songs over and over, even when the artist has tons to choose from. 

And college is cool, no commercials and a wide variety of tracks, many, many the professionals aren't playing, but each favored show is only a couple of hours a week out of all the hours of the week.

So, I'm using that frustration and creativity and programming songs and more that are original, many with covers and remixes, and adding more of what I miss on broadcast.

I'm pulling new stuff or very old stuff from the collective Radionomy.com royalty library and my own private stock of CDs and iTunes and more....

Originals. Like Brenda and the Tabulations' WHO'S LOVING YOU

Covers of the originals and / or remixes. Like WHO'S LOVING YOU by The Jackson Five featuring Michael Jackson and also by Jessica Mauboy from the film THE SAPPHIRES.

Often played in themes, hm, like: sunshine, body, location, James Bond, last, your love, Sympathy for the Devil, cash, get up, God, and more....

I'm still adding and mixing. Come and listen. Come back and listen later and you'll hear.... 


logo image for Eclectic and Covers Radio at Radionomy.com

RADIO from Neale Sourna

Truly eclectic:
  • ALL music is game.
  • Plus, originals and covers.
In themes!

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