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Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Reading: Sexy, Lusty, Romantic, and Naughty by Neale Sourna

Erotica, Erotic Romance, Romantic Erotica, Hardcore, Softcore but always rewarding. Novels, Novella, Short Stories, and more at www.Neale-Sourna.com (author) and www.PIE-Percept.com publishing.

        "I write and publish for my own pleasure; but love to share my secret dreams with you, great stories with great characters that get in deep under your skin and give you pleasure, too.

        "Who doesn't love a great story? _Neale Sourna

Novel Hobble coverNovel excerpt - short story Grant's Boone _Initial Interview Novel excerpt - short story Temple: Bedrooms Novel Becca DuMaurier excerpts
http://www.neale-sourna.com/novelgateway.html MORE Novels, Novella

        "Although some say otherwise; there is NOTHING WRONG with SEEKING PLEASURE and ENTERTAINMENTS that bring true satisfaction and joys which hurt no one.
        "In fact, they PUT YOU IN A GREAT AND LOVELY MOOD, which is great for everyone! " _Neale Sourna

 book cover Libidinous 1 - Short Stories, Poems, and Novel Excerpts book cover Libidinous 1A - Writing Lessons: Author Notes, Short Stories, Poems, and Novel Excerpts book cover NS North Coast Academies' Journal 1 (compilation of NCA Diaries) ebook cover NCAD 3.1 Ross, Laila, Sascha short story cover: Dia's Coach (1) DiasTeamBang (3) short story ebook cover: Three - By Invitation Only short story ebook cover Hesitation (expanded Playgirl Magazine story) story story cover Dez at the Silver Pole ebook cover The Freelancer book cover Steve's Monkey's Paw ebook cover Rough-Me Dot Com short story cover Tenure - MFM ebook cover Professor Teaches the Tight End - MFM ebook cover Tenure - MMM ebook cover Professor Teaches the Tight End 
More Stories, Scripts, and Games....

and Nonfiction & Poems....
ebook cover Seduce Her Like Keanu Reeves (3 Articles) book cover image SexSinger: Cunnilingus_How to... book cover CuntSinger: Cunnilingus_How to...

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