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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Neale Sourna's Laila: Cozy With Daddy_Amazon BANNED Story AVAILABLE for Instant Download Purchase.

Teen Laila's Hot for Daddy and...
...on Sale NOW!
BANNED by Amazon Kindle! after years of Amazon sales.

NCADv1n1_Kindle [PIE]

NCADv1n1_MSReader [PIE]


BUY Vol 1, Issue 1 -- Laila: Cozy With Daddy [7857 words] -- Brainy private school virgin, Laila Mariah Deever, seduces her handsome, middle-aged stepfather, Ross, for her first incestuous cherry-picking fuck. 

This is budding valedictorian Laila‚Äôs first wet dream; first voyeurism; first masturbation; first brief taste of cum, first cunnilingus, first fingerfuck, first dirty talk, and first seduction; she's a busy little Lolita. 

Whoo! Those overachievers. 

"OMG, I've been simply dying to have my Daddy, he's been so sad with Mama, the bitch, ALWAYS gone. He's so cute, and so hot, and so everything every girlfriend, female teacher, and PTA lady I know wants; but Daddy's all mine. Or will be, when I show him what I bought to wear, just for him, until he takes it off me and shows me how to take his huge thingy inside me and make him happy, really happy, in his bed, while she's away."

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