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Thursday, October 31, 2013

To Erotic Authors Groups at GoodReads on Amazon Kindle KDP requesting censoring of our publishing and just out and out banning

To Erotic Authors Groups at GoodReads.

In LinkedIn Groups we've been dealing with Amazon Kindle KDP requesting censoring of our publishing and just out and out banning. They call that "blocking." My gay novella and my compiled short stories were the first.

There are more now.

Now, Amazon and Kindle is in hysterics [see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24491723] and blocking stuff they've contractually sold for over five years; but, now say they are too naughty and break their rules.

Like they didn't notice the words [slut, whore, or school] on the covers before, years ago.

High schoolers, who are of age and willing and enjoying themselves, and exploring their fears and joys, are not abuse victims, incense victims. http://north.neale-sourna.com/index.html

Why is sex always on the hysterics and cutting block but not violence? Maybe if characters bloody skinned each other for epidermis suits, instead of enjoyed the fuck that would be fine.

Guess, it's just Amazon Kindle KDP trying to be all things but not "the biggest bookstore in the world."

The Cleveland Public Library [www.cpl.org] is never this reactive or squeamish. Some of my best research has come from their shelves.

Who else has been spanked, without the fun?

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