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Monday, February 18, 2013

NEW SHORT STORY, CONTEST, PLEASE VOTE: The Trans / Androgyne Practice by Neale Sourna


Locked in a coffin for an Initiation practice, Kar is terrified; but Dev is the only one to offer help. And Dev, who all Kar's friends dislike, is the one Kar truly wants. It's gonna be a long three day weekend


We lay in my stark coffin, side by side, in pitch black. Why? ’Cause who wants to lie in their coffin alone the first time?
“You okay?” Devon queried, cautiously, like I was a baby, who might explode into screeching hysterics any second. Leg touching mine, Devon’s warm grasp fumbled for my cold sweaty hand; I clutched, tightly.
“Ouch! Cut your claws, Kar. Or wear olives on your fingertips.”
“That was fun.”
“No food talk, Dev.”
“You could lose some LBs, Kar. Ow! Claws. Make me bleed out and it’s gonna get way messy in three days of this.”
“Alone. Together.”
Devon gulped, then silence. Devon’s hand in mine was—http://figment.com/books/545108-The-Trans-Androgyne-Practice

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