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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Neale Sourna Review, "the softer side": Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

Neale Sourna Review

Fifty shades DARKER is a misnomer. This story is actually BRIGHTER, LIGHTER. So, if fifty #1 made you squirm too much, read this one instead, it's softer, the lovers are more equal and understand their differences much better. There's more trust based in knowledge and therefore faith, more getting to the center of what his past is about, and less worry about her virgin to sub growth or de-evolvement, as many I've heard were afraid for her about.

She's fine. She's stronger than he is and she's pulling HIM upward. Stop chickening out and try this one, and really read and understand the explanations. We mislabel things in our heads and hearts, Christian does too. What we say about ourselves isn't always the actual us. That's covered here. 

And explaining the "lifestyle" and experimenting with "vanilla" with a dash of, well, soft "lifestyle" will be more palatable and a better starter for many.

Then, perhaps, you can backtrack to number one, once you really understand this isn't the abusive, evil stuff that gets you on the news or in jail.

Oh, and not "Mommy Porn" it should be "Daddy Porn." If dad wants to get more and keep his lady wife happier perhaps he should take a few lessons on creativity, trust, and obedience from CG as he tantalizes, pleases, and fully obeys Ana in their most intimate moments. She can say "no" anytime or and he obeys. And when she says "yes," he makes it interesting, creative, explorative, and emotionally fulfilling, not just missionary sex boring. 

No wonder I've heard so many women say they loved CG but were not so kind to virginal, sexually ignorant Ana--too close to home?

There are few women who wouldn't want a man who enjoys extended foreplay diddling AND afterglow all night cuddling. Oh, wait, these are FICTIONAL people. But they have much to teach us about our own love giving and emotionally sexual "hard and soft limits."

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