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Monday, January 21, 2013

Neale Sourna Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James

Not sure what book others were reading last year.

Is written well enough; could be edited better with too many inadvertent British-isms confusing the narrative for an American story, even for a character interested in old Brit Lit. And there are typos.

Anastasia reminds me of Bella Swan of TWILIGHT; being a bit annoying but once you accept her as she is it made my suffering go away and her more enjoyable.

Ana is intensely unknowing in this day of knowledge access, even when told to research at Wikipedia (which has a very and in-depth info on sex and "fringe sex"); but, someone on the planet has to be this ignorant and she's it. She does have a purity of potential that thwarts their common situation and could improve it; hence sequels.

Interesting that I hear women say they LOVE HIM but hate her. Huh! Women hate a flawed female? But not a flawed male abused out of his natural state of humanity and love, who's floundering in his personal life like a fish drowning in air, is lax to change, yet is so near the water?

And Ana's flaw is actually being too ignorant. Ignorance can be corrected by research and understanding that knowledge and as her mom says often taking men at their word. Children are ignorant and grow up to know. She's not actually "innocent" as was stated in the text, at least not fully. Jesus The Christ was "innocent," knowing what would happen, yet doing it, dying violently, anyway. That is innocence in the old manner.

An ignorant person doesn't know, even when the knowledge is there in front of her and accessible, then gets spanked with the hard painful truth. If innocent, she'd put some ointment on it and say we're not doing that again and can I order new curtains for my room?

I noticed that people giggled about this book or panned it as "mommie porn" and other stupid crap. This is a nod to the bannings and outrage about THE STORY OF O back in the sixties or whatever. There are tons of statistics that say women, especially those in committed relations including husbands are like 80% not happy with sex and NEVER cum. Yet they keep on with that same old missionary; fearing "doggy style" and cunnilingus and tons of other things, let alone Anastasia and Christian.

Their sexual activities were questioned but, as stated in the story, in romance stories and in real life women are hurt on their wedding nights where blood on the sheets is REQUIRED to confirm and seal. The fact that instead of kissing her for five minutes then ramming it in is excruciating, violent and might last the entire length of marriage or sex life for some women, it's considered romantic and really creepy, I think. So much for truly gentle lovemaking; stretching, not ripping.

Anyway, plus, so many woman, today, want to say they are in charge and not like their grannies or moms who had no freedom (and truly didn't trust their husbands, their/your father or granddads) yet fear one book will make us all beg to be spanked because that's so wrong. Not gonna happen.

UNCLE TOM'S CABIN helped start a war but it was only a distillation of fears, annoyances and other bad and half-hidden human behavior and fears held up as a mirror which cut to the heart because its story mesmerized and personalized. This book does that. And this isn't about the violating pain of domestic violence between two unequal partners.

These two are equals and she has the upper hand; she can say no, or yes, and sometimes maybe. And he will agree to her command. It's a verbal contract between them (written only because we get emotional and rewrite stuff in our heads), as stated in the story it's not for courts. Or morality. Its going steady which is a thing you can't take to court if it goes awry.

And it hits on the one question men ask women maybe the most and women don't always answer_DO YOU TRUST ME?

This book asks DOES ANASTASIA (and therefore the reader) TRUST HERSELF?


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