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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Lyrics to Sarah Vaughan's Cover of "Peter Gunn Theme"

Lyrics to Sarah Vaughan's Cover of Peter Gunn

Sarah Vaughan says, "Bye, Bye" to Peter Gunn

Sarah Vaughan Sings Peter Gunn
Sarah Vaghan first recorded Bye, Bye, the actual title of the song that adds lyrics written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans to the Peter Gunn theme song, in 1964. Most versions don't include these lyrics, and some that do include both titles as most people don't identify the song as Bye, Bye

Every night your line is busy,
All that buzzin' makes me dizzy.
Couldn't count on all my fingers
All the dates you had with swingers.

Bye, baby.
I'm gonna kiss you goodbye
And walk right through that doorway.

So long.
I'm leaving.
This is the last time we'll meet
On the street going your way.

Don't look surprised
You know you've buttered your bread.
So now it's fair you should stare
At the back of my head.

If you write a letter to me
My former friend
Don't you end
With an R.S.V.P.

I'm goin' bye-bye
I'm moving!
Tomorrow I may be splittin'
To Britain or Norwas

I'm sayin' bye-bye
Bye, baby!
Now that I've heard all that jazz
Whereas I've had it, I've had it

I'm through now with you now
So baby it's au revouir
Adios, ciao, ciao, goodbye

Max Sedgley Remix at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf17nKtllWM


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