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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Short Story - Ross: Laila's Stepdad-My Daughter's Anal [Asshole] Cherry

Horny Anal Dad...
...on Sale NOW!

BUY Vol 3, Issue 1.3 -- Ross: Laila's Stepdad-My Daughter's Anal [Asshole] Cherry [4337 words] -- Daddy Ross regrets his criminal-rough treatment (raping his teen daughter's sweet pussy), until randy and sore little Laila begs for more. And gets it.
She volunteers to do a sexy striptease for him (yeah, teen striptease! a hot striptease!), then wiggles her bare ass for him and little Laila's pre-oiled her virgin shithole, making daddy's cock go back up hard and ready.
Can daddy's little slutting whore take his fat dick in her virgin asshole AND his hard, fat fingers in her raped sore pussy, too, and make her squirt juicy cum all over him? Oh, yes, I think sweet, little Laila can ... cum.
ISBN: 978-0-9796841-4-2 / ISSN 1553-8656 Volume 3, Number 1.3

Mobipocket (for Blackberry, Palm, Symbian, and Neale @ Kindle Store), Adobe PDF



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