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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Short Story / Novella - Tad: The Switch-hitter, His Twink, and His Teacher

Gay, Bi, lusty teen love...
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Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Diary (NCAD),Vol. 4, Issue 1 [Vol. 4.1]
BUY Vol 4, Issue 1 -- Tad: The Switch-hitter, His Twink, and His Teacher--A Lust Novella (M/M/M) [22 horny chapters, 25,139 words] Gorgeous, biracial rich kid, Tad, gets whoever he wants, male or female, and he has a relentless hard on for his English professor, Dr. Hupper, whose magnificent black cock Tad's stuffed down his eager, tan-white throat and given hand jobs; but, youngster Tad wants serious, naked alone time with his favorite teacher's ebony body.

While fellow student, Quen "the queen," a blonde twink, whose smooth and hairless, boy toy ass virginity is reserved for Top Tad. Bottom boy Quen's in love and dying to be his doormat and cum catcher.

So, do you think delicious Tad will get BOTH of his conquests in one room, in one bed, all completely naked, with himself sandwiched between his Quen's sweet bottom and that masterful black assbuster?

Oh, I know my greedy Switch boy Tad will.

22 horny chapters, 25,139 words total

Gay, Bi, lusty teen love...
BANNED by Amazon Kindle!
Without explanation. My first teen gay sex, lust, love pub. Hm.


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