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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Novel Excerpt/Short Story: "All Along the Watchtower: Submerged" [romantic erotica]

All Along the Watchtower: Submerged (short story cover)

In ancient times, a legendary half Egyptian general's rage and jealousy may be his downfall, when he seeks to break a sacred alliance between his Amazon shaman / sorceress mate and her allies. [erotica novel excerpt, over 10,000 wds!] Only US$1.97! Ancient Warrior Romantic Erotica, Egyptians, Amazons, Shamanic Sorcery and True Magic, and Evil, Murderous Betrayals

All Along The Watchtower, Book 1, Excerpt 1
In a war camp ... she undid the shoulder lacings of her loose, sideslit, leather dress, which fell and left her naked except for the riding leggings harnessed on her.

All Along The Watchtower, Book 1, Excerpt 2
He took her in his arms. His mouth was warm and hungry for her; but, he pulled from her in short order, as if he were afraid his desire for her.

All Along The Watchtower, Book 2, Excerpt 1
He braved to look full into her unearthly, burnished mirror eyes. "I was wrong." He loved the feel of Her .... of It against him. "Tor? What do you believe me to be?" 
All Along The Watchtower, Book 2, Excerpt 2
"You chose me over him, you chose death over life, wildness over domesticity. I have bedded you, widowed you, and I will sire on you ... in his name.


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