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Sunday, October 07, 2012

EXTRA CLEVELAND book/ebook Call from Clevelanders, North East Ohioans, Ohioans

Call for Personal Stories from Extras, Crew of The Avengers, Alex Cross, Funsize, etc for local Cleveland book author / publisher:

I need your help. Did you work in a Hollywood production in Cleveland / Ohio area, in 2011-2012? Or travel to nearby states, too, from OH? Or did you work to get these films here or service them?

I'm Neale Sourna (aka S E Reynolds) I'm one of you with nine scheduled days of work with The A's and A Cross in Aug 2011; but I am an author, as well. You can Google or Bing for "Neale Sourna" or however you search online. http://www.neale-sourna.com or http://www.pie-percept.com

I'd like to read your story and, possibly, add it to the book. Even if you were, as one friend of mine, called to work but could not.

Why am I asking?

I'm putting together a little book, "Extra Cleveland" about being an EXTRA or PRODUCTION CREW or OTHER FILM CONNECTION person, who worked on MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS; I, ALEX CROSS; FUN SIZE; etc. I would like be able to pull excerpts, quotes, or full stories from others besides myself. If you have a favorite photo

What I need: [Answer one or all questions.]

How did you hear about the call to Hollywood?
How did you apply?

Did you have previous experience? Professional? School?

Did you get called to work, but couldn't? Why couldn't you?

Did you enjoy working with Hollywood?

What did you learn? Who did you meet?

What tips or advice do you have for others?

Do you feel you were successful?
Did you make the trailer, the film final cut, or what?

Are you / were you disappointed in anything?

Would / Will you do it again?

What did you do with your pay?

What did you do when YOUR FILM came out?

Send your answers to: neale @ pie-percept.com
By midnight evening of Sunday Oct 20, 2012

Add your name, email contact.

Sorry, no pay is involved, there is no guarantee I will use your material (in part or whole). This will be an ebook first (PDF, Mobipocket/Kindle), and then go to print, with epub later.

I will see what I can do about getting contributors a reader PDF and / or a discounted print copy (which depends on page count, quality of paper, size, etc), as payment and compensation; which will make it easier for you to brag. ;-)

Neale Sourna
(Sandra E Reynolds)


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