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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Erotica Short Story: Three—By Invitation Only

#01 - Three—By Invitation Only  
...This new man didn’t leave, either; he didn’t move. He probably stopped breathing for a long while, as I watched his cock search his inseam for cunt.
Which is all fine with me, because as soon as she realized he was there, her already versatile, greedy pussy had gotten real charged, clamping on me mercilessly till I thought I’d cum then. She knew I would, too.
But, Sandy shifted her weight, and loosened her slick grip, teasing me to slow down and chill off, a bit, yet gave him a better view of her circular bobbing on her favorite, juice-slick cockhorse.
I barely heard him gasp, “Shit” over my own moan and that delightful throaty squeal she makes when she knows she’s got total control of two rock hard cocks she wants.
The reliable hardness of my cock and a fucking spare....

[MORE in the single story
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Table of contents:
  • Three-By Invitation Only_short story [9078 words]
    • I wanted her in the car, but...
    • Our Wedding Sex Story
    • Remember the new man?
    • Sandy’s Shop Window Sex Display
    • But, before I get to correct our new man...
    • My Anal Punishment for Sandy
    • Our present house guest was...
...and more coming in Libidinous 1].


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