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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Erotica Romance Short Story: Dia's Coach (1)

Dia's Coach (1)

Neale Sourna

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Young Dia is a naughty cheerleader, a Lolita, who prefers older men, well, one particular older man. She wants everyone’s favorite team coach and teacher, Mr. Dean.

He’s been good and strong, resisting her; but, he’s weakening.... And lovely Dia always gets what she wants.

So, when she enters Mr. Dean’s home, in nothing but lace and desire, he’ll break and switch gears, teaching teenager Dia what a man, not a boy, really wants when fucking his very willing student whore.

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“Hi, Mr. Dean.”
She waited, knowing he was closing his eyes, as if in prayer, and sighing at hearing her behind him. Dia wanted him; he knew that; there wasn’t any doubt. Hilariously, each of the team members he coached assumed they’d get her; but, she didn’t like any of those boys all that much.
“Yes, Dia?”
Mr. Dean, now facing her, here, in his school office, was keeping his face blank; but she knew her affect. Hm, the constant stiffening of his cock when her little cunt came near was probably a bit of a giveaway. She glanced down. Yeah, stiff.
“I asked the boys if I could be the only cheerleader to ride the team bus, again, on our away game. They said, 'Yeah!' But Stevie said I had to clear it with you.”
“It makes the other girls jealous.”
“Don’t care. I want what I want.”
“It’s bad for your reputa—.” She stepped closer, into his aural heat.
“I. Want. What. I. Want. Mr. Dean.” Dia glanced down. His cock visibly moved and poked at his pants harder.
Oh, “trouser snake,” she thought, I get it, now.
He sighed, and gave up.
“Whatever you want, Dia.”
“Oh. Really?”
Mr. Dean was tired of his balls aching, his cock embarrassing him in public, and young Dia being relentlessly after him. One more try at responsible, adult teacher and coach.
“Stevie loves you, Dia.”
“Stevie the Overly Optimistic loves that I let him front like he may have kissed me and felt me up once or twice. But, he’s never fucked me.”
She saw it in his eyes, his mind straying at the idea of “kissing” her, of “feeling her body up,” and she smiled wickedly knowing his cock was throbbing to “fuck” her juicy cunt.
She dropped her voice, soft and deep—sexy.[more]


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