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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Erotic Romance Short Story: Hesitation [a shorter version published in Playgirl Magazine]

Hesitation_ebook cover
A businesswoman's emotional conflict between overthinking versus her erotic needs is tested when she's caught in the rain with the man who keeps her mind and emotions distracted. But, will she overthink a playful shower together, too?

_3218 words Erotic Romance short story 
[a shorter version published in Playgirl Magazine]
Plus a Bonus Love Poem: A Lesson in Passion

Expanded New Edition 2012
A Playgirl Forum shower wet love story. -- get your ebook (for your PDAs) and print versions (for your greedy little hands), because an older, shorter Hesitation is included in: "Steve's Monkey's Paw & MORE" only US$3.95! paperback, and ebooks

I'd put off calling Tony for many months because...I was chicken. Completely Big Bird® yellow.
A brainy yet gorgeous man, who's nearly too handsome yet doesn't act it, a well-turned man, with a very neat, soft to touch, black musketeer/cowpoke mustache and goatee? An actor with a TV series, doing well in the ratings? Which all sounds a little too good, when you think about it. I do. 

I think a lot. Too much, I've been told, by practically everyone; except Tony.

I was "chicken", because, lately, just thinking about him made my walnut brown nipples too sensitive and my swollen, "dewing" crotch overly self-conscious. I couldn't stop thinking about him; I didn't want to.

"Sorry, my mind wandered," became my mantra at work and at the family's, as my mental AND body arousing, Tony preoccupations became entire reveries. Long, wide awake, Technicolor, dreamvisions of making love...fucking--which is the same thing, with the right person

Loving...fucking with my touch-starved--yet still particular about who touches it--skin against his hot, masculine-scented, dark body.

Did I mention he has brains..."real" brains...and is a truly first-rate person...in a devilish way? Even my irreverently crazy family and friends love him--all my favorite things in one man; scary, isn't it?

Speaking of tongues, which we weren't, no one's ever kissed me better. I'd truly decided that electrifying kisses were only in fiction and other women's lies; so, what would I come to, if he ever got his softly whiskered, gently insistent lips and hot, articulate tongue down onto my....[more]


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