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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Black and WRITE" A Documentary Film

"Black and WRITE" A Documentary Film
By C. Mikki & Southern Girl Productions

About the Documentary: The documentary is about black authors and the publishing business. After 12 years and seven conferences, the Black Writer's Reunion & Conference (www.blackwriters.org) will host one final conference. Black authors will share stories of successes and failures in the publishing industry.

The Structure - This film will be told in documentary form, by following the 3 types of authors attending and teaching at the BWRC. This includes:
     The VETERANS- Authors who have published 25 or more books and/or have been in the publishing business more than 10 years.
     The HUSTLERS – Authors who are in the thick of hoping that their books will launch them into success. They have written 1-5 books and they trying to find the balance of working a professional job and launch a book career.
     The NEWBIES – Authors who have never published material before. They are attending the conference for the first or 2nd time but have yet to produce a book.
     Conference Director: Tia Ross shares the story of why she started the conference for black authors and why she has chosen to make 2012 the final conference.

The Resolution- Viewers of the film will be able to have a behind the scenes look at the challenges that black authors have faced in the publishing business. 

Length - The film will be approximately 70-90 minutes




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