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Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Yune's Hot Cock...

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[3677 words] or
Yune: Suck My Kiss [3677 words] --
Basketball jock Yune gets his stone hard, young Korean American cock
sucked by a first time knob munching, K.A. church virgin, while his
favorite, bespectacled, brown-skinned teen goddess secretly watches,
and then later he's sucked off by a classmate's red-haired, society
MILF mom. What a great birthday week he's having!
Fellatio with voyeuristic exhibition, a humiliation cream facial, and a motherly deepthroat, and yes, gulp, mom swallows.

"LOL, my friends. My best enemy's mom's been munching my nuts, so, I'll have to give a certain captain of the team's sluttin' mom a happy mouthful. And, at my birthday party, in private, almost, little Amy, my supposed Korean church virgin's gonna let me devirginize her throat, while I let wicked, little Miss Laila, the goddess of my
heart, watch, and smile, as her enemy gets a sore throat and a
delicious and hot, cum pie facial."

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