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Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Fiction Sci-fi Romance Short Story: Frictionless Sheets by Neale Sourna

Frictionless Sheets

Intergalactic Deep Space sometime in the Future

Straczynski's bloody, damnable "frictionless sheets." He'd had them freight teleported to us and we'd used them right away. Let's just say the exciting IDEA of "frictionless sheets" is an intriguing one, the actuality of using them, however, not so much a good idea.

Maybe only "half"-frictionless, you intrepid inventors out there?

It was a bad idea because we still have the basic physics of our universe. That a head banged against a resistant wall or headboard will have a reciprocal reaction, as Sir Isaac Newton pointed out so long ago—an equal and opposite force—and, once again, I and my partner, without any tangible drag holding us in safe place, rocketed off our nuptial bunk with its slick, new sheets.

Into the far bulkhead, in an unseemly tangle of bruised arms, legs, and one dented, twisted male appendage. The latter of which is deeply cherished by us both, and upon which a sweet kiss on its "boo-boo" would not make it better. It made it all...http://www.weddingnight.com/stories/frictionless-sheets.html

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