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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Free Short Story: Becca Escapes to Sea, Part 2 by Neale Sourna

Becca Escapes to Sea, Part 2 by Neale Sourna

Cornwall, England UK; 1680s

Runaway bride Becca's betrothed, her elder earl, and his huntsmen found her comfortably asleep by the hearth fire, wrapped in Pirate Aidan's great cloak, and Aidan was gone from her side when she was abruptly awakened.
He'd barely escaped, so at peace with her, so distracted was he by an extraordinary woman.
He hid in the wet trees unable to return, as the earl himself gathered up his wayward fiancée and left. Aidan tipped back, not caring that his good cloak was gone, but the silver cup's loss was immeasurable. He'd found it gone, taken, and had swallowed hard, fighting the panic to draw pistol and cutlass and retrieve it, as the sudden....http://www.romantic4ever.com/romantic-fiction/becca-02.html

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