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Saturday, December 03, 2011

American Author Neale Sourna's Story and Novel Sales Catalog/Catalogue

--"I started reading Neale's "Hobble," and then lent it to my wife; I haven't been able to get it back!! -- African Americans Married in Cleveland

--Neale writes so film like! I can 'see' everything in the story, and 'feel' it, too. That's truly sensual, having all my senses, including my emotions AND erotic, physical senses swell with delight."--Elaine (African American) in Garfield HTS (Cleveland OH USA)

--"Ditto."--Ray (Elaine's lover) in Shaker HTS (Cleveland OH USA)

"Welcome to award-winning GREAT FICTION; stories with GREAT CHARACTERS, hot SEDUCTION, true ROMANCE, and YOUR MONEY'S WORTH. Look around, read, enjoy, and KEEP AN EBOOK or PRINT BOOK FOR YOURSELF and FOR A FRIEND OR LOVER, or LOVERS, then read some more; and COME BACK OFTEN for the NEW, the FANTASTIC, and the WONDERFUL."--Neale, Cleveland, Ohio USA

PS: "IMAGINE lying back and reading a story of intimate love and sexual lovemaking that not only AROUSES your mind, but your body and spirit as well. 'Food for the mind,' someone said. 'Food for the soul,' another. I WRITE FROM MY ENTIRE BEING. Love is not one flavor but many, so is lovemaking."

I promise to write and publish for myself and for my own pleasure but love to share my secret dreams with you, great stories with great characters that get in deep under your skin and which are a benefit in your life. Who doesn't love a great story? Who hasn't had a great story or a certain part of a tale that touched them down to their very dna? Perhaps, one or all of mine, may even become a great anchor or a great elevator of spirit for you, a fiction (and nonfiction) that you'll read again and again, and share with your friends, family, and special beloved one(s). _Neale Sourna

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