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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Writers' Forum_Re: Amazon changing your pricing to free issues

Re: Amazon changing your pricing to free issues

I don't have pricing problems with them; I do have censor challenges with them cockblocking random storylines.

My bi/gay academy novella about powerful, rich, and randy North Coast student Tad his twink and his teacher and my compilation of other previous short story volumes of North Coast fellow students was also blocked--both without explanation, just a we've cold cocked it--while the individual stories that were compiled are still available on Amazon/Kindle. But not on their Mobipocket which they're now fully consolidating within Kindle.

Tad was my first gay story, so that seemed suspicious.

The rest are highly incestuous and say so in titles but not blocked until consolidated.

Ama. does monkey with prices, I normally sell free material for that .99 USD; but, I also, add additional material, put that notice in the marketing and sell for a bit more.

Do look into going full publisher through www.lightningsource.com of Ingrams they are the largest PRINTER AND DISTRIBUTOR to ALL BOOKSELLERS on the planet, or in the US, or something. They serve random house and ME!!!!

Free uploads of ebooks, set your own prices, and the POD service has gone to eproofing instead of mandatory print copies for POD, making that free, as well, or nearly free.

LS handles the heavy printing, distribution, and paying me monthly, plus easily connect me with Bowker ISBN's include a fifty percent discount I spent my movie extra earnings on of 100 isbns for half price.

I just have to add my marketing and, most important, WRITE my stories and tool my files (or hire someone else to do full formats, been talking to http://www.epubconversion.com/ recently because I'm pretty much thinking the brain cells I'm burning to figure out epub, despite being able to pdf / mobi - kindle / ms reader which is dead now is a waste of my skils).

Anyway, you upload to their higher standards than Amazon's (I've seen some unreadable things there with all smart punctuation codes broken into code not symbols). LS reaches world wide with print groups in US, UK, and Australia, shipping worldwide, plus airport kiosks that print as your wait and cool cutting edge.

Also, I've been looking into EbookMall http://www.ebookmall.com/author/neale-sourna They pull my books from LS, just like Lulu, BN, and everyone else for ebook or print book.



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