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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NEW Short Story ebook: 2679 words, Soft Romantic Erotica / Sensual Romance US$1/ 1GBP/1 EUR

"Temple and Silent Tommy,"

a post second world war (WWII) love story.

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ebook: Mobipocket
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A post Second World War (WWII) love story/novel excerpt. The war's been over two years; but, days ago Temple and her little dog Wuffer found Tommy, drinking the morning's milk outside the door of his own family home, like a stray tomcat, finally returned, after seven long years, from God only knows what covert war ventures.

Temple is now a young widow, who's kept her adopted home safe, its hearth warm and loving; Tommy's a restless, wandering warrior with a perilous past. No longer the elder teen boy, teasing her while she hurries to blossom from child to adolescent; he's now a man grown, teasing her, and still making her desire flame out of control.

_2679 words, Soft Romantic Erotica / Sensual Romance

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