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Monday, October 17, 2011

New Ebook Title Update_Neale Sourna's SexSinger: Cunnilingus (Info and Sex Games)

Sex Advice

Neale Sourna's SexSinger: Cunnilingus
How to Give Head (Oral Sex and Eating Pussy), for Giving Women Orgasms of Cuntlicious Joy! Info and Games!

SEE: Table of Contents

Copyright © 2011
by Neale Sourna/PIE: Perception Is Everything's Clear Focus Imprint

1. Sexuality 2. Women-Sexual behavior 3. Marriage
4. Relationships-self-improvement 5. People with disabilities-Sexual behavior

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Neale Sourna's SexSinger formerly/also known as (CuntSinger), about writing, about sexual and moral history and the sexually powerful words we fear to use (one hour,

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(46,748 kb)

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directly from ArtistFirst.com http://www.artistfirst.com/bookshows.htm

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