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Saturday, February 05, 2011

"Inappropriateness," Amazon Kindle, www.Elance.com, and Sex (Gay, Interracial)

Someone said at my facebook members only site that they "didn't have a problem with it but" thought it was somewhat "inappropriate."
My statement:

Odd that Kindle has rejected a cover and book content of my new novella. they imply that it is inappropriate and maybe unredeeming hardcore porn.

It's redeemable and highly great hardcore porn/romantic erotica.

And the cover is almost EXACTLY the same_with less nudity and a comdom_of the previous title in the series.

Do ...you think it's because this one's not about heterosexual incest but is about a gay threeway?

My facebook group answer:

No problem. If anyone has, had a problem with my post above_just think of it as equal time for all the snapshots and "inappropriately" tagged that get posted and don't really connect with us either.

But it does reflect about the strange oddities and vagaries of "inappropriateness" of creation, whether digital art, film or publishing, that we'll be sometimes ignored, sometimes "c" blocked, sometimes censured, and sometimes greatly loved.

And there really isn't any specific logic given nor explanation, only that it is "too different," "makes us squirm," or "seems" rather inappropriate, to them, at present,etc.

It seems silly since you can go to Amazon and Kindle and get hardcore porn from Adam and Eve, Playboy, etcetera. Plus they publish my stuff there and at Borders, etc through my partnership with Ingram/Lightning Source.

But, really this cover and the previous one are nearly identical. This one is "cleaner" I go rid of the lace panties girl with the condom in her hand. http://north.neale-sourna.com/

And that previous title cover is a compilation of a teen seducing her dad and learning all about sex and her horny friends seducing their friends MILF moms etc; but, have a 2 teens of age with a teach/prof, all willing go gay threeway...?

They've usually sell the titles and just block the covers of school-relatedness. And I don't really care. I just find it interesting. You just never know who at their site will glance at your stuff and go gaga.

We erotic freelancers at www.Elance.com have the same problem with them. Someone posts anything that mentions sex, erotic, etc. and it gets blocked with a vengeance. But, post a job requesting writing bids about a serial killer and how to murder or rape people violently and they never block that.

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