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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Largest World Statue ... Still Being Carved in US

Sculptors, since 1948, in South Dakota, USA near Mount Rushmore and the mountain carving of four ex-presidents of America, are still slowly building the world's largest statue, a giant monument to the legendary and great Native American Chief Crazy Horse, who lead the countercharge of the combined indigenous "Indian" forces against the invading American Calvary, specifically the infamous 7th, who, with their leader General George Armstrong Custer, were crushed and well, slaughtered, by war chief Crazy Horse, whose carved head is 87 feet tall.

When completed, his statue of him mounted on horseback being carved from a mountain cliff face will make him the tallest and break the record set by a giant statue of a standing Buddha in China, in Henan, China, that's 420 ft tall [that's 42 storeys/stories!]. For comparison, the Statue of Liberty, near New York City, is only a midget 151 feet tall [15 storeys/stories].

Go Crazy Horse!!


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