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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cleveland's Franklin Castle named one of the most haunted homes in the United States

Colleen Seitz, NewsNet5/WEWS-TV

It's been known to be the most haunted house in Ohio and now MSNBC.com has given Cleveland's Franklin Castle a new distinction -- one of the top-10 most haunted homes in the United States.

The 9,000-square-foot home on Franklin Avenue on the city's west side was built in 1864 by German-born banker Hannes Tiedemann. He spared no expense building the 28-room, 80-window castle with a ballroom, spiral staircases and secret passages.

"Finally, a haunted home that really looks haunted," notes MSNBC.com. "Complete with a tower, turrets, balconies, stone outcroppings, gargoyles, wrought-iron fixtures and fences, this imposing, Gothic-style Franklin Castle is said to be Ohio's most haunted home."

There have been several mysterious deaths in the home over the years. And there have been numerous sightings and sounds of ghosts. Footsteps, babies crying and doors slamming have been heard.

NewsNet5.com has put together pictures from a visit inside the Franklin Castle. Take a tour and learn more about the history and ghosts in this real haunted house. Click here for the photogallery .

The castle is currently owned by a woman who hoped to turn into a bed and breakfast, but a fire in 1999 halted her plans. MSNBC.com says that there are rumors that Franklin Castle will be on the market soon.

You can read more about the most haunted homes in the country at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39745803/ns/business-real_estate/


I traveled by there for two weeks once, while job training and hadn't paid the place any serious attention, until I had nightmares the entire first week--no, not because of the job training--before realizing I must be zipping past the Franklin castle and a derelict's half-way house beside it. I hadn't even known exactly where it was, because I'd always thought Franklin was the owner not the street. Either way...Ick.

--Neale Sourna

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