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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Take the Orchid Games' "Are you Heartwild?" Quiz written by Neale Sourna and Download FREE Solitaire Game

NEW!! Take the Orchid Games' "Are
you Heartwild?" Quiz
written by Neale Sourna


and Play

"Heartwild Solitaire Classic"

Orchid Games' FREE GIFT to you, my friend: a classic solitaire game remade with beautiful art and music from the creative artists, writers, and programmers of "Heartwild Solitaire, The Author's Edition*"

FULL CLASSIC GAME for FREE! Includes 7 romance short stories.

We, at Orchid Games, asked seven fantastic romance authors to write great short stories for this title. And they came out just PERFECT and you will be able to READ THEM after WINNING A GAME OF SOLITAIRE.

Here's our list of stories and their authors:

* "Clarissa and Hastings" by Sherry Thomas

* "Fate" by Victoria Smith

* "Last Words" by Megan Hart

* "Price of Coffee" by Misty Simon

* "The Six Of Hearts" by Kimber Chin

* "Touchdown" by Natalie J. Damschroder

* "When You Least Expect It" by Dee Tenorio

Heartwild Solitaire, The Author's Edition*

The FIRST solitaire
game with a romance story.


a story of Anne, as she leaves her old life behind and sets off to rediscover her true self. But then a man, dangerous kind, steps onto her path...


Through a Tarot spread see Anne's fate unfolding. Hand painted cards will guide you.


Have fun with a relaxing, card-matching game. Unique bonuses
and random card placement will keep you playing for hours.
And if you dare, submit your best score to the online chart and compete with others!

*Game story Written by Neale Sourna,
Rated E for Everyone Version also available

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