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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Neale Sourna's "Hobble" [An Adult Fiction] at Infinity Publishing

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Neale Sourna (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-1284-5 ©2002
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 291 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Romance / Adult

A Native American professional's "lost" life dangerously twists, when his obsessive entanglement with a knife-wielding "innocent" threatens to cost him more than his life.

On sabbatical, BENNET GILLESPIE, brilliant, burned out, Native American surgeon, literally, falls for an irresistible African American beauty—the homicidally “insane”, and…mysteriously lamed, child-woman DAY—and begins an obsessively erotic tug-of-war for her versus MR. HOPKINS, her possessively overbearing, English guardian.

Day’s young body and “delicate” mind become a battleground of sexual and emotional blackmail and immoral…“obligations”. Yet, once the older Hopkins knows amoral Benn can completely rule the dangerously unpredictable, blade-wielding Day and force her to submit to Hopkins against her will—two souls and a life can and will be lost…when Benn selfishly complies.

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Customer Reviews

i , 02/25/2004
Reviewer: m
HOBBLE is tight writing [trim it down and it be a solidly good script] because this is deep stuff but devilishly, fascinatingly fun. And sexy as hell, I’ve bought another copy or two, since everyone keeps borrowing it.

HOBBLE gives you a penetrating insight into one man's thoughts and emotions--at least what he let's us know--and it's done in a very easygoing, open but not strictly linear manner, which is an achievement considering a great deal of what's going on in the story is neither friendly nor easy.

Narrator / lead/hero / anti-hero Benn and his lover Day were drawn well, in an articulately layered style.

Just when I thought I had either of them nailed, Benn would present another tantalizing facet of himself or on his perspective of Day, their relationship or situation and the ENTIRE story would suddenly be reshaded with greater intimate depth and color.

Warning: the romance here is not gooey sweet by any standard, it's darker and more emotionally truthful, I thought, than a straight romance or sensual romance. And as far as the bad things that happen, I've heard much worse on TV news programs or read in my local city paper. In fact, the book is labeled ADULT FICTION.

I also loved the literary graphic sex.

Neale Sourna not only got what goes on in a man's head during a romantic and erotic love affair but what goes on in a reader's head, or at least mine, when reading this. It was as if Benn were in the room, kicking back in a chair in the dark, telling me about his mystery ridden and tense, romantic relationship with his sexy, troubled, and bedeviled heroine/anti-heroine lover.

He was telling me this and when I'd get to the point of having both the story and my own interior opinion running side by side in furious contrary arguments in my thoughts and emotions, he'd lean over and state what's going on in my mind. Bang. Love it! Deep and psychological and visceral.

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