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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bill Johnson (Story Is Promise) on "Twilight" Prologue and More

Notes on the Preface of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

"I saw the film before reading the books, and my first idea--in reading the Prologue--was that it was film editing.

"The brief tantalizing teaser at the beginning to get you to realize, oh, it's not just some teen whining about her devastatingly cute boyfriend; but something that is life and death and even spiritual.

"I was glad for it.

"Mushy stuff--and dear Bella is a mushy, mis-thinking lover, who is at her best when she BRAVELY FEELS, not thinks.

"The prologue immediate says this. Great hook. "

--Neale Sourna

Story is Promise Deep Characterization

"Writers do often write THEIR lives and fears to the detriment of their characters, no matter age, gender, or expertise.

"Woman author, 50+, who should've known better with NY editors to correct her error--and didn't.

" 'The Witching Hour' takes about 90 or so pages to get to the main characters who can actually do anything. Why the previous bits weren't cut or moved deeper in is painful to read.

"My first Rice. And a slight insult/compliment, as I was told my "Frames" script reminded them of her.

--Neale Sourna

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