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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can YOU SATISFY HER, Coax Her to ENJOY Your Lovemaking and You Become a BETTER , MORE POWERFUL LOVER?

Neale Sourna's CUNTSinger

Did you know that:


So, do you know how to PROTECT HER...?

* * * * * * * *

You have a tongue and fingers, but is she really getting her FULL SATISFACTION from your lovemaking...?

Can you tell if she's satisfied, by more than her "yes" or "no" [if she's not too shy or fibbing]...?

How can you tell from HER SILENCE when she's REALLY SATISFIED...?

or have ROCKET FAILURE...?

Do you know the ways to help her when she believes oral sex--especially cunnilingus--is "gross," "icky," or whatever...?

Do you know HOW TO COAX HER to enjoy your oral lovemaking...?

**If you none of these, or know some and want to learn more, so YOU'LL BECOME A BETTER, MORE POWERFUL LOVER--keep reading, my friend....

CuntSinger-Sample.htm / CuntSinger-Sample.pdf

Neale Sourna's CUNTSinger

"Making Love" IS NOT something you CARELESSLY do by rote HABIT.

"Making" is creation and building, as in creating a feeling in another that mixes with one of your own, and constructing lightly upon that to make an interweaving of senses and flavors and emotions.

"Love" is individual, alive, never-ending; even when it turns dark or distance. And darkness can be enjoyed and brought back into the light. And it's more than the physical, more than the emotion, there is spirit binding the both, uplifting them both to bliss. Even "perpetual bliss" as Faith Hill might sing.

So, "making love" can include more than kneeling like a "missionary," begging for it, and then "trying to control everything," and "stay on top of things";
but being oblivious of your partner's true needs.

Get your face in there and let your tongue do the your lovin'.

--Neale Sourna

How many of us actually learned sex from a sex professional?

Most of us, and our parents, too, learned sexual "health"--lots of scary picture of syphilis we HAD to look at--from a gym teacher doing double duty in health class; or from some amateur lover a little farther ahead in the game, or more willing to experiment.

Most of us definitely didn't have a professional whore or pimp or sex therapist in that health class. And it definitely wasn't called sex class, at all. I am, however, a professional writer in the sex and relations field, if getting paid counts.

I believe that help should be more interesting than obvious, which is why I don't usually do nonfiction. But all love and lovemaking are a bit in the fiction field, though, aren't they?

Back to "talented, dedicated amateurs" versus "paid professionals."

Olympians and people you know, who can sing and dance wonderfully, may never have had full training or school learnin' or have been given a record deal, or a certificate for their wall that states that they are a "Sex Expert."

Sometimes, they're much more interesting than those who have studied "by the
book" or were sanctioned by some outside sanctioning group;
but now have nothing new or fresh to add...

Read: CuntSinger-Sample.htm / CuntSinger-Sample.pdf

Neale Sourna's CUNTSinger

Because, DID YOU KNOW:

That, of a survey of 1102 women, a full 11% had NEVER had an orgasm. And that 46% of these women thought ALL MEN WERE SELFISH; while a high "79 percent thought only their husbands were selfish."


Plus, 56 % of these married women still believed the old beehive and stiletto heels time's sexual propaganda that some women, many women are frigid, intentionally and stubbornly so, which was a standard 1950s-60s Cold War way to batter a woman, whether wife or passing partner, not sexually interested or satisfied, but unknowing how to correct it.

That "real women" aren't interested in sex, "only sluts."

Not realizing real, sweet and loving women were and are interested, but that the love her lover was making, is making to her or with her was ignorant, or inadequate to the task.

It was pleasure for everyone in the room, but her. [more

Read: CuntSinger-Sample.htm / CuntSinger-Sample.pdf

Neale Sourna's CUNTSinger


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