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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Diaries

"Hello, my wonderful hardcore lovers of young teen school girl sluts, including pantyless teen whores, well one teen whore, in particular, Laila, sucking off her dad's fat one in the Public Car Park, before he bangs her to pieces on the hood of the family car, and then she gives some throat and pussy to her virgin geek, voyeur classmate, Sascha.

"Here I have high test skank literature of the best quality; with more to cum.

"You're welcome here, pull down your pants and diddle a while, because my little high school sex skanks love to hit the books, and the cock, especially if it's her Daddy's, whether at school, in school, or after school.

"Virgin Laila begs Daddy Ross to get Cozy and teach her all about the birds and the bees, or rather about opening her fine thighs for a tongue fuck, a thick fingerfuck, then her Daddy's fat fucking, cherry breaking dick.

"Such precocious school girl sex, because little schoolgirls are horny, too!

"Especially smarty biracial teen beauty Laila, who's mega horny for her fine stepdad's huge mega cock!

"So, while you're relaxing and visiting me here, just GIVE ME FIVE (5) RELAXING, BUT EXCITING MINUTES to STRETCH YOUR MIND and EXCERCISE YOUR EMOTIONS and, well, your HAPPY glands, too.

"While Laila begs for and gets Cozy With Her Daddy for her FIRST cunnilingus, fingerfuck, and pussy-stretching cock on Daddy Ross' big bed.

"Laila then plays the bad girl, watching and encouraging her basketball captain boyfriend Yune: Suck My Kiss get his knob munched by an out of her depth Korean virgin's first fellatio and surprise sloppy cream pie face; plus, handsome Korean Yune gets some real hot deep throat action from a rival's white hot, red-headed MILF.

"Laila returns when Daddy Ross tries to be a good dad and not double dip, but Laila's tight new wet pussy demands his attention, proving that she's her Daddy's Little Whore, as Ross teaches Laila how to suck cock, and take it deep in her tight little virgin throat. And, another surprise cream facial, on a pretty teen face.

"Laila's got the hang of cock riding and wrapping Daddy Ross around her little clit, even to public sex, while knowing her friend's watching--Sascha: Public Parking, Sex Squared. There will be cocksucking (2 cocks), and pussy fucking (2 cocks).

"Then, Ross takes his skank teen daughter home and punishes her, raping her for sexin' Sasch. Big Ross on, uh, well, IN, little Laila's pussy, raping it all to shreds. And she loves it! Daddy's Willing Little Slut.

"But while poor Daddy Ross is sorry, little Laila comes to him for more. She begs for and gets her anus deflowered, My Daughter's Anal [Asshole] Cherry, as Ross stretches her last virgin hole to the wide max; hot creaming her tight, hot bowels.

"The best love is willing and open.

"And, as for me, your author, all you really need to know about the true me and what I write, as YOUR BEST WRITER OF CHOICE, for ebooks and paperbacks, is that I enjoy writing for my WARM PLEASURE, and for you to SHARE MY DEEP FANTASIES, until you, too are SATISFIED WITH PLEASURES OF ALL KINDS.

"So, know that love and sex are good sorcery, when the right two, or more, people get together, and that YOU'LL FIND their STORIES HERE TO BUY and read to your love one, for their satisfaction, too. And, READ THEM AGAIN, AND AGAIN. Like all great sex and love."

--Enjoy my love and lust, Neale Sourna


--Neale Sourna


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