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Thursday, January 24, 2008

YBFree Review for Neale Sourna's Novel "Hobble" (romantic erotica)

Reviewed By: Jennifer Walford

Have you ever been traumatized by an entertainment property? Well, I have. After years of watching Sex in the City, Queer as Folk, and Six Feet Under I have had my eyes opened to another side of human sexuality. Not being a person that actively seeks pornography I am a little naïve about the sexual appetites of some people. But after a healthy dose of HBO and Showtime you think one would be prepared for anything? Well, everyday there is something new to learn, and Hobble by Neale Sourna taught me much. Hobble was a dark, strange, and pyschologically violent novel that delved deep into how sex can be used as a vile weapon of manipulation and oppression.

Set in the Commonwealth of Virginia, an unsuspecting Native American holistic healer, Ben Gillespie, is jogging on the beach when he trips over a young buxom African-American woman named Day. Day who barely talks, has two large wounds around her ankles, which were almost severed in an accident. Ben assists the young woman home only to find himself enthralled by her sexuality and caught in the middle of a sick relationship with Day and her guardian, an aged British Gentleman, who forces himself literally into her whenever he pleases. For a while the two openly share Day, until Ben discovers the truth behind the relationship and the other sexual encounters Day has with men, women, and even his twin sister to get what she needs and wants in life.

Hobble really does an excellent job, of delving into how sex is more than just an act of pleasure and [more at http://hobble.neale-sourna.com/YBFree-Review.html]

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