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Friday, July 27, 2007

Police: Man Planned To Use Choke Collars On Girls

Police: Man Planned To Use Choke Collars On Girls
Fri Jul 27, 9:33 AM ET

A northeast Ohio man is accused of trying to buy children for sexual torture.

Jeff Doland, of Uniontown, was picked up by Miami police, where investigators said the 45-year-old planned to pay a mother of two girls to forcibly hold the children underwater until they passed out for his sexual pleasure.

An arrest affidavit NewsChannel5 obtained through the Florida state attorney's office is filled with a description of what Doland planned to do to the two girls, ages 9 and 12.

In reality, the girls did not exist. Undercover agents had made up the scenario as part of an Internet Crimes Taskforce operation.

"It's one of those things that you haven't really heard of before, but it's not something that shocks you because, depending on what your fetish is, on the Internet, you can find it," said Massillon police Detective Bobby Grizzard, of the FBI Internet Crimes Task Force.

Grizzard is part of the FBI's Internet Crimes Task Force, which in five years has caught almost 100 predators in Northeast Ohio.

Police said Doland was caught online chatting with a secret service agent he believed to be a mother of two girls. He used the online name Dunkingstool.

Grizzard took just two minutes to find a 32-year-old man from New Jersey online. When the detective typed that he was a 14-year-old girl from Ohio, the man typed "cool," and then asked about sex.

According to Doland's arrest papers, he was planning to have young girls perform sex acts on each other and on him.

He even brought three choke collars with him, allegedly to be used by the mother and girls.

Grizzard said many of these criminals are willing to talk about their plans because they're glad they've been caught.

"These individuals often, it's a relief for them that someone found out that they have this behavior. They know it's wrong but they just can't control it," said Grizzard. "The true sex offender will tell you, 'Unless you put me away from it, chances are that I will reoffend again.'"

Doland is the technology director for the Green Local School District.

Doland is currently being held in the Dade County Jail in Miami.

His arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 15.



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