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Thursday, December 30, 2004

WEWS NewsNet5: John Carroll Investigates 3 Alleged Sexual Assaults

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John Carroll Investigates 3 Alleged Sexual Assaults

Thu Dec 2, 8:31 PM ET
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The campus at John Carroll University is on alert after three female students say they were sexually assaulted by male students, reported NewsChannel5.

University officials say the three separate incidents in the last three months are now under investigation.

One of the assaults possible involved the use of a date rape drug, GHB.

Officials said that the other two alleged assaults started as consensual sexual activity, but the male students later refused to stop their advances.

The college issued an e-mail Wednesday to all students saying that these sexual assault cases may result in criminal charges, and that any student who violates the John Carroll sexual misconduct policy will be expelled from the school.

WEWS' Joe Pagonakis reported that the school has talked to at least one of the accused attackers, but unless the female students file charges, all the school can do is warn its students.

"No one has come forward ... I can't move forward in the judicial process," said student counselor Sherri Crahen.

Officials say they will continue to question the students involved in all three cases, and they hope that the female students will file formal complaints so that the cases can be thoroughly investigated.


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