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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Men Boobies Should Not Be Seen

Why do they insist on showing me men boobies on TV, when women boobies are a no-no? The Steve Harvey Show, NBC's The Biggest Loser, and others keep finding men with sizeable teats. If we can put you in a B, C, D, or larger breast bra cup, then why are we allowed to see them? On national TV?

If I'm going to look at a guy's breasts, I might as well look at a female breast that is most likely in better shape, or at least more artistically appealing. Even for the nongay.

Also in the what the hell is this crap category, which is also known as, if we can't get rid of this thing can we have a companion commercial made to switch the sexes and the antagonism? For me it's the one where a guy sics his dog, or it attacks on its "own initiative," the man's girlfriend/wife/sister/whomever by chasing her up a tree, biting at her, and stripping off her man's pants that she's wearing.

The guy's an idiot, the woman's hot and can do better than him, yet he sics his dog on her. And after a woman was attacked and killed by a similar San Francisco beast that went to trial for murder along with his stupid, irresponsible owners, you'd think someone would have said, "Hm, maybe not." Or at least, "Why not do two of these, one of a him getting attacked and one of a her getting attacked.

Think about it, because it looks imbalanced and not quite right to me.

I suppose a guy throwing a woman's clothes out the window, like another set of jeans commercials that show men retrieving their jeans from clothes-tossing females would make someone else crazy. Maybe.

Equality means equal time on the good side and the bad side. Sticking to stereotype until someone sues to make you change is one way of doing it, then again, dogs chasing both sexes, clothes tossing by both male and female, and the resulting semi-nudity afterward could prove a refreshing change.

For me, it's not always just "violence against women," "domestice violence" against kids for Christmas [bka a Dickens' Christmas], or "child endangering" as a few lately pulled commercials with kids "playing" with real cars, which completely left out how a child would see it. And their likely endangerment, because kids really don't need to think of mom and dad's car as a toy for them.

For me, it's about humor and human integrity, or lack thereof, in true reality. Male and female. Kid and adult. Equal in good times and bad times, like the Russell Crowe film "Master and Commander: Far Side of the World" in which boys of age ten to fifteen have crucially responsible jobs. They command men, they lose their arms and lives, they fight beside the men, they laugh with them, too. And more.

Times have changed, they've progressed and regressed simultaneously, as we're forced to be children longer by law and mistreated for it. Then and now. I don't know if there is a total answer to make it all better and perfect, but I think a possible answer, individually if not collectively, should be considered--what is done, what is not done; what is said, what is not said; and what it all might mean to us, as we seek balance, while the poor schmuck looking over our shoulder seeks, too.


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