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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Cool! It's Seal's Sister.--Regency House Party

Miss Tanya Samuel

Age: 30
Role: West Indian Heiress
Income: £5780 a year
Chaperone: Mrs Rogers

In Regency Life:
As a West-Indian, Tanya's position in society is a result of her connections. Her connections to the hostess secure her an invitation to the party and Mrs. Rogers will also chaperone Miss Samuel. The heiress' clothes are conspicuously lavish and she has her own lady's maid to fix her wardrobe and hair.

In Real Life:
Tanya is half Nigerian and half West Indian. She is extremely entrepreneurial by nature and has her fingers in several pies. She currently has three main jobs – a fashion accessories designer (providing accessories for Top Shop, Selfridges and House of Fraser), a lecturer (giving day training sessions in fashion and Media at The London School of Fashion) and a Chairwoman of South Kilburn NDC (dealing with the running of the New Deal For Communities). Tanya is the fourth of 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls) and is the younger sister of the singer Seal. When it comes to relationships, Tanya strongly believes that men only behave as badly as women allow them to.

Interview: Find out what Miss Samuel really thought of Regency House.

Name: Miss Tanya Samuel
Age: 31
Where from/born: London
Live now: London
Occupation: Fashion Designer and owner of labels Beverley Hills Boutique and MAH:zipan

What were your expectations before going into the house?
To experience living out an important part of history in a role that I did not think would be ordinarily available to a person of colour.

How well do you think you were suited to the Regency era?
My modern day beliefs and values are not suited to a woman of that era so although I could behave accordingly for the duration of my stay it would have been impossible for me to live in the Regency period.

Who did you fancy most in the house?
No one!

What was your best time?
The pageant.

What was your worst time?
The realisation that boredom and restriction was soon to kick in!

Do you have any regrets?
Not being there from the beginning.

What annoyed you most in the house?
Petty squabbles.

What did you like / dislike most about dating in Regency times?
The fact that women were required to make love tokens and men were required only to take them.

Do you think your experience in the house has changed you?
It has made me realise the value of taking time.

What did you miss from the 21st Century?
Hopping in my car and socialising at my favourite bars 'Eclipse' and '192' with my mates.

Who will you keep in touch with?
Most of the guests.

What are you doing now?
Producing this seasons orders for my customers and designing my new collection.

What would you have liked to see happen to your Regency personae?
I would have liked to see my character challenge more of the Regency ideals with the other house guests as I was meant to be an abolitionist and more liberated.

If you were to do it again what would you do differently?
Spent more time with the Hermit, read more, written more and walked more.

Are you still single?

Do you treat the opposite sex any differently since leaving the house?
I am more aware of guys breaking my personal space than I was before I went into the house.

Is there anything else interesting about your experiences?
One thing you never really get to appreciate in the city are beautiful green spaces or the sun setting, horizons, stars at night etc. I really gained a new appreciation for all things natural during my stay in the house�even spiders!! I have what I call an acute case of 'insecterphobia' at the best of times, but being so close to nature in the house if you spent all your time screaming, ducking or diving each time you saw a disgusting fly or a daddy long legs you'd drive yourself mad as well as the rest of the guests. Thus, I had to suffer in silence as best I could and try to ignore all things flying and crawling as much as possible. So much so that now I don't duck, dive or scream half as much as I used to...I only hope my new found courage lasts. Also, I can now have a meal outside of a restaurant without constantly fanning at my food to ward off flies that aren't there. A great achievement on my part I think.

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