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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"White Chicks" versus white guys, and the train to Kerry - Edwards

I've had no particular intent to make this blog all or mostly about film but film is kinda universal and less isolated an example of life than say my riding down on the train this morning packed with suburban whites. More than usual, and they were LOUD, ANNOYING, and completely stupid about where they were going. They ALWAYS get lost going downtown. Never ever heard of a map, y'know. Anyway, one woman kept saying, "We'll follow that guy [a stranger, a white male stranger] because I saw he had a Kerry - Edwards invitation to the announcement rally too."

A good way to be sidetracked by a rapist/murderer. A puppy rapist/axe murderer even!

At work, my MY Yahoo news included one more whiney note about more whiney white guys complaining about the Wayans Brothers' "White Chicks". White chicks don't complain, just white guys.

Myself, I find that whitish guys complain the most and loudest when mega money's is bypassing them and/or when they're attracted sexually to something or someone and refuse to admit it. Like picking up a pretty hooker then finding she's a pretty male hooker. Is you don't believe my sexually attracted theory -- tough. But it goes like this, check the old fan lit commentaries from back in the day.

They [the whitish guys] hated Sean Connery in his pretty boy, dramatic lover roles with Gina Lollobrigida, until he became the murdering/overcompensating womanizer James Bond.

They hated Mel Gibson in his pretty boy, dramatic lover roles with Dianne Keaton, until he became psycho cop Martin Riggs.

They hated Tom Selleck in his pretty boy, dramatic/comedic lover roles, until Thomas Magnum, P.I. and finding out he's about the only guy, who can get a western done these days.

They still hate Keanu Reeves, but a lot less since Neo and The Matrix-es. Let's face it, of this group, and as slowly as the man ages physically, they may be hatin' on him a lot longer. Still babyfaced and gorgeous. Go ahead be tough, a man's man, admit the truth -- you love him, you really, really loooove him.

White guys are suing the Wayans saying they had the idea of "White Chicks" first and had sent them a copy. Well, I say the Wayans lawyers should check these guys with the fact that their Mafia connected scenario sounds an awful lot like Mr. Lenny Henry's Disney film "True Identity". Hm....


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