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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Vin Diesel, "The Chronicles of Riddick", and the hate machine

Why all the acrimony toward Vin Diesel's entertaining self-assuredness? The man doesn't boast what he can't do. The man hand-delivered PITCHBLACK, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, and well, everything he's done. And, at least he has real acting talent to back his bold words, unlike a certain "acting," Cally-forn-ya Governor.

CoR is fun, is what the CONAN series should have been, is worth seeing again, and is a lot more positively thought-provoking than TROY. Mr. Diesel and Mr. Twohey delivered a beautiful to look at, viseral, and interesting to watch film. Let's face it, Riddick and Neo are the only NEW ADULT myth films around, at present. And, I like it. So, there.


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