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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thank your enemies.

Always thank your enemies. I had one at my day job at JPMorgan Chase; before she was fired during the last merger purge. My group had had a private office a floor up, it was decided to save rent and we were moved within sight and sound of said busybody woman, a passive aggressive aggressor. I hated it. we'd moved from seven rooms in a private suite to three offices for my guys and a very public cube for me, which PEOPLE KEPT WALKING THROUGH; close enough to be struck in the crotch if I stretched at an inopportune time.

No matter how much I hated it and I did like some of it, no matter what I did--remember I'd had extra storage in the suite, now all of which was being assimilated and stacked in one cubicle--she was displeased. She didn't want me in her sight. A suggestion by her was made. I said nothing, which is what you do to make the final sale, when things are surprisingly, actually going your way. So, to end story, to get me out of her view, I was given a private office next to my guys. Good, I write and publish erotica [okayed by my bosses] while tending to regular Middle Market business.

So, remember PIE: Perception Is Everything and thank your enemies. --Neale


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